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Molécule-R Flavors

This photographic work has been produced while doing the global brand identity of the Gourmet company Molécule-R Flavors. Chez Valois created the recipes and did the food styling, photoshoot and retouching. It received two Canadian Lux Photo awards.

Text and Images via Behance Network

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Skull-and-bones sugar cubes

Skull-and-Bones Sugar Cubes

Add an extra ‘jolt’ to your morning sleepy morning haze with frightening skull-and-bones sugar cubes. An eerie accessory for your morning coffee or tea developed by Snow Violent. The concept began as a sketch and later developed into a prototype by DR.HC. The final product is a spooky, sugary treat.

Original concept by Snow Violent. Prototype by DR.HC.

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Harry's Bar Venice

Harry’s Bar

The legendary Harry’s Bar in Venice

The thing my father was doing is treating people like kings, and kings like poeple.

Original video created for For more information on Harry’s Bar please visit

The Ecstasy of Chocolate

The Ecstasy of Chocolate

Sweet, smooth, seductive… chocolate

The cocoa bean contains organically stimulating substances, such as the euphoric anandamide, the natural aphrodisiac arginine, and tryptophan, a proven antidepressant. Discovered over 4,000 years ago around Venezuelan region of the Amazon and has been embraced by cultures worldwide. Brought to Europe by Spanish Conquistadors it slowly trickled into the consciousness oh high-society along with other stimulants such as Tabacco, Tea, Opium and the like.

A Valentines Day staple, childhood treat and decadent indulgence, whether it’s drizzled over succulent strawberries, used in some kind of foreplay or packaged in a heart shaped box nothing says I love you or sends imaginations running wild like this exotic treat from the depths of the jungle.

Photographed by Santiago & Mauricio; Makeup by Maud Laceppe; Hair by Diego da Silva; Styling by Keegan Singh; Producer: Cesar Leon; For more information please visit

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Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers

Handcrafted one batch at a time

Crafted from local rye grain (somewhere near St. Catharines, Canada) and distilled in a copper pot without aging. Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers aims to tell the story of hand crafted love. And with such beautiful packaging, how could you resist buying a few for your next get-together?

Packaging design by Insite Design, Canada. For more information please visit

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