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Forgotten Palaces - Thomas Jorion

Palais Oubliés

That’s Forgotten Palace

‘Palais Oubliés’ priginal photographs by Thomas Jorion. Please visit for more information.

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Little Green House

Little Green Box

Designed to be Consumed by Vegetation

Wonderfully camouflaged garage situated on the Raethian Alps. Perfectly organized into a gardening room, cooking area, and a small dining/hang out space, with a remarkable exterior. Made of galvanized metal and steel wire in order to promote climbing vegetation to reclaim it. Additional photos available on iGNANT.

Green Box designed by Act Romegialli Architects in Italy. Images via

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Gilles et Boissie

Patrick Gilles & Dorothée Boissier

At Home in Paris

The same Gilles & Boissier who run architecture & design practice Gilles & Boissier. The duo are have a unique eye for high-end design. Their home, a 300sqm residence in the heart of Paris, is truly magical, with its high ceilings, wide open rooms, French windows and intricate moldings. Think 19th century architecture meets 21st century Lifestyle.

The perfect family home.

Photographs taken by Birgita Wolfgang Drejer for Sister Agency

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Chateau de la Goujeonnerie

Chateau de la Goujeonnerie

This 1872 chateau spins a wondrous tale, matching the striking splendor of its exterior with the whimsical interior. Two-story chandeliers, spiral staircases, century-spanning antiques — the makings of a real life fairy tale. And how about those unicorns? The entryway features two mounted horse heads with narwal horns. If you’re in the market for a holiday getaway the chateau can be rented. With amenities like a formal dining room, an 18-meter pool, 18 acres, and a small forest to frolic in you’re sure to have truly memorable stay.

For more information on Chateau de la Goujeonnerie please visit

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